Go Green

Going Green will help to stop the depletion of our natural resources.

Go Green

Luckily today it is relatively straight forward for the average person and family who desire to live a more sustainable way of life to go green.

The go green movement has been building with tremendous momentum and has captured the imagination of millions of people from many cultures and nationalities from all over the world and will gradually engulf the entire planet.

The go green concept can be adapted to almost every aspect of our daily lives with each individual action collectively counting towards the larger whole.

Whether your go green contribution is cycling to work in place of using the car, purchasing organic produce rather than the traditionally pesticide treated food or installing power saving energy efficient devices in the home, each action that we take becomes an important contribution towards sustainable living.

In the not too distant future with populations expected to grow to all time levels the increase and demand for consumption will put an ever increasing burden on society, nature and her limited supplies of raw materials.

It has therefore become a matter of urgency that the go green concept in all forms is publicised to the greatest of degrees possible.

Even though every person’s effort and action makes a difference without the larger masses turning away from old habits and enjoining the new the go green process may just arrive too late.

The small and large corporations, local authorities and Governments need to lead the charge and in doing so we as individuals and family groups will follow suit.

The choosing of the types of materials we use, the manufacturing process and the desired end product needs to be revisited and where possible more sustainable and environmentally conscious methods need to substitute the old ways.

No longer can we afford to ignore the destruction and war that man has laid on nature, no longer can we blame the other person or group.

If every one of us only took ten actions that produced a greener result we would have moved a long way forward in correcting our wrongs.

Eventually mankind as a whole will live in harmony with nature and no longer be faced with the necessity to make as much profit within the shortest amount of time.

We will have gained the knowledge on how to totally live a sustainable life and in many instances this will take shape by returning to older and more traditional materials and ways of doing things.

The depletion of our natural resources will come to a halt as new technologies enable us to reach our desired goal.

The go green concept will no longer be a mantra for the future but will exist in our everyday lives. Clean air, unpolluted water supplies and organic produce will be the norm. Illness too in many cases will disappear as our move towards a healthier way of life will change the way in what and how disease affects us.

Medicines may become more holistic and the dependency on man-made cures will lessen.

The encouragement to go green, the knowledge and way forward must be made available immediately and therefore your contribution is all that more important!


Bringing mans’ sustainability on earth to a higher level.


The question of “What is sustainability?” is quite often asked and in the general usage of the term it is normally referred to as to what are the ways that we may improve our life on earth whilst harmonising with rather than against nature and our natural environment.

Sustainability is the only way forward that mankind can afford to coexist with and return to a balance with nature, justifiably working with her counsel in mind.

Man’s greed and is inherent self interest has stood in the way for far too long and it is not by chance that the earth and nature are ever increasingly revolting against his selfish ways.

What lies within the heart of men is likened to mother natures’ beat and when both are aligned the togetherness of this natural force will bring man’s sustainability on earth to a higher level.

No longer living for oneself the community of man will flourish at a higher plain within the consciousness of the greater purpose that until today has only been within the vision of dreams, yet like all set within man for the good of all will eventually reach the precipice of what was foretold.

Man’s existence within his natural environment will no longer be at odds but in its beauty will be the vitality of life itself brings to a crescendo of a life fulfilling promise and purpose.

Without our desire and therefore our immediate action which will take shape in many guises our sustainability on earth will be in question.

Everything that we have learned and put into practice of the millennia must be questioned we must look at every aspect of life and living thereof until we may find a solution to bringing harmony into that equation.

The way we work, our goals and aspirations, life in its minuscule detail will need to be challenged and for this the action and contribution of every man is necessary.

For far too long we have waited for the “somebody else” to make the difference whilst in our reasons of excuse we negated our duties. No longer is this acceptable for man cannot grow by holding his own hand.

Today is the day, and not for the purpose of a passing fad, but for that of humanity’s existence is at stake upon this fragile earth that we call home.

Our ways have never been, nor will be set in stone, and that the successful implementation of harmonisation will require effort and change from all of us.

No longer can we rely on our governments or local authorities to task this challenge for us, but it is for us to grasp the importance of this necessary step to deliver us out of the age of ignorance into that of the age of light and holistic consciousness.

We cannot afford to ignore our past behaviour but can afford to make the required amendments to cohabit with the many varieties of life that share our environment.

Sustainability is man’s right and therefore it is right that man makes this reality real.

Become a “sustainer”, make a pledge, move forward in a positive manner, put action where required and where possible share this information with everybody you know or would like to know.