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Steelbale® – The insulated structural building cube

A steel and straw bale insulated structural building cube, formed by housing an approximate symmetrical rectangular straw bale within a cubed steel frame making straw bale a commercially viable, naturally renewable building material.

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ISBISS® Construction System

A cubed, light-weight galvanised steel and straw bale insulated super structure and foundation system that combines the steel for the foundation and super structure with straw bale into an integrated building system.

An environmentally friendly building material using recycled* steel with straw bale.

Engineered for accuracy and tailor-made for each unique project

Thermally, acoustically and energy efficient.

Durable and built to code.

Reduces waste and landfill use.

Quick, easy to build and cost effective.

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The steel frame combined with the form-work and panel (which substitutes rebar* and the standard form-work) for the foundation are left in-situ and become the steel for the reinforced concrete and rainwater deflector.

A post-poured concreting foundation system perfecting accuracy and quality.

*Subject to engineering specifications additional rebar may be required.


Pillar and beam, strip or slab foundations.


Existing Buildings

The ISBISS construction System can be integrated into an existing structures.

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Affordable Green Homes – A sustainable building system and material that makes building with straw bale a viable and affordable option for creating green homes and buildings in the 21st Century.

ISBISS®. Insulated Steelbale® Integral Superstructure.

Galvanised-steel foundation and superstructure combined with straw bale to create an effective and affordable green building system.

“Man with his infinite wisdom, is able to measure distance by the foot, a horse by the hand, ingredients by the cup and even traverse the oceans and deserts by the stars; Maybe one day he’ll measure a building by the Steelbale®.


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